Yuri Azzari was born on the 25th of Dec 1990 and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. From an early age Yuri would draw profusely, his subjects would vary from buildings to animals and anything that catches his eye. His sketches tend to be very detailed and with distinctive lines.

In 2010, Yuri met with celebrity Malaysian artist Raja Azhar Idris, who has mentored and guided him since. Yuri embraced abstract works and has extended his style into painting landscapes with an impressionist styling. His paintings can recognize through his use of bright and strong colors coupled with bold paint strokes.

Since then Yuri has exhibited his artwork in various local & international exhibitions and private viewings. He has a has sold over 50 pieces paintings and sketches, with a major artwork being bought by a private corporation for their headquarters.


TITLE: Hue Formation
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE: 58cm x 69cm / 23″ x 27″ / 2ft x 2.2ft

TITLE: Flamin’ Chillies
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE: 100cm x 100cm / 39″ x 39″ / 3ft x 3ft
YEAR: 2013

TITLE: Splash
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE: 93cm x 93cm / 37″ x 37″ / 3ft x 3ft
YEAR: 2015