Zainal Abidin Musa hails from Perak and received his training from the Institute Teknologi Mara. He graduated in 1983 and with the prestigious award from the Malaysian Young Contemporary Artist competition under his belt, hence his career path was promising. He worked in the advertising field for almost 20 years leaving his desire to paint temporarily. Zainal started to paint during the weekends as a means to unwind. However his foray back to art during these weekend sojourns, awakened his passion leading to his debut solo exhibition “Weekends”.

His love for nature, the islands and the sea is a fascination he has had since childhood, made their journey onto his canvas. Among his works are the “Tengkuiuh” series where he captured the spirit of the monsoons with its strong undercurrent energy, beautiful and melancholic yet fascinating and frightening. His other works include the Sunrise and Sunset, Waterlilies as well as other rendition of sea, sand and sky. Zainal has the unique ability to capture and convey the wonders and intensity of nature through his wanderlust art.


TITLE: Penarik #2
MEDIUM: Oil On canvas
SIZE: 86cm x 99cm / 34” x 39”
YEAR: 2009