Born 1970 in Selangor, Malaysia, Yap Chin Hoe’s artistic talent was apparent from a young age, and he furthered his art education at the Malaysia Institute of Art in 1989-1993. From his early watercolors of Malaysian scenes, Chin Hoe has developed a distinctive style that is uniquely Asian, yet universally appreciated. Chin Hoe has finessed a refreshing contemporary interpretation of classic Western still-life – the Oriental antique-wares bring grace and poise to an otherwise traditional theme. Intricate details – the fluttery of dragonfly wings, phoenix flapping its wings, soft tendrils of foliage, graceful translucent drapes – and a more vivid palette have infused his recent artworks with new vitality. His delicate brushstrokes reveal a meticulous quest to capture the ethereal quality of the antique porcelain, while brilliantly colored-Nonya and batik fabric serve as a counterpoint to the austerity of the blue and white china. The image of raucous Peranakan revelry comes to mind when flamboyant tapestries are paired with equally dramatic wares.


TITLE: Solstice Peace
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE: 152cm x 152cm / 60in. x 60in.
YEAR: 2019

TITLE: Approaching
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
SIZE: 76cm x 76cm / 30in. x 30in.
YEAR: 2020