Born 1962 in Kedah, Malaysia, Rafiee Ghani is known to produce paintings of still-life that depict objects of everyday life including vases, stools, chairs, mugs, flowers, food and fruits using loud, dynamic colours and brush strokes. In balance composition, he often produces artwork which are both aesthetically pleasing and artistic. Rafiee Ghani started learning art at the De Virge Academie Voor Bildeende Kunst, Hague, Netherlands before he continued at Institute Teknologi MARA in Dungun.

It was in Europe where Rafiee gained his inspiration and exposure in art. He visited all the great spaces and museums. Consequently, Rafiee drew his inspirations through world-class old masters like Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse and their works. Rafiee was formally trained in the arts and techniques of print-making, but it is his mastery in oil painting which sets him apart from other artists. Rafiee has been active not only in Malaysia, but also overseas, where he was involved in exhibitions by galleries and art spaces around the world. Among his notable shows include “Room of Flowers” in 1993, “The Painted Garden” in 1996 and “Kebun Sultan” in 2002.


TITLE: Love Between Two Rivers
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 122cm x 152.4cm / 48” x 60”
YEAR: 2021

TITLE: Yellow River
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 122cm x 122cm / 48” x 48”
YEAR: 2015

TITLE: Wetlands
MEDIUM: Acrylic On canvas
SIZE: 137cm x 130cm / 54” x 51”
YEAR: 2005

TITLE: Garden Series
MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 142cm x 122cm / 56” x 48”
YEAR: 1990s

TITLE: I Tell The Story Near The Sea-Park
MEDIUM: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 214cm x 244cm / 84in. x 96in.
YEAR: 2013

TITLE: Red River Valley
MEDIUM: Watercolour on Paper
SIZE: 100cm x 150cm / 39in. x 59in.
YEAR: 2018

TITLE: When the Earth is red, you can hear the cries for miles.
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 122cm x 152.4cm / 48in.  x 60in.
YEAR: 2014

TITLE: Lost in Translation
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 122cm x 122cm / 48in.  x 48in.
YEAR: 2015