Born in Kedah, 1947. Fauzul Yusri graduated from the Mara Institute of Technology in 1999. With an art career spanning two decades, his solo shows include Works On Canvas, Cages, Pop Primitive, Neolithic, Ground, Raw, Goreng, Guris and Whiteground. His early success was the Incentive Award in the Galeri Shah Alam Open Show in 2000, Special Mentions in the Young Contemporary Artists (2002) and Kijang Awards (2014). Fauzul Yusri’s paintings of raw lines, odd blotches and shapes and random scribblings, express naivety. It’s like a festival of random scribbling, yet the composition shows a design and a purpose diametric to the chaos.

He offers a clue into how he works: “I first try to deform or disfigure my canvas by colour, line, space or drawing and then try to solve the mess I created. The solution lies in resolving the rhythm, proportions, forms and balance.” Fauzul has exhibited his work around Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. His works are collected by National Art Gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia


TITLE: Berdiri Si Jelita
MEDIUM: Oil on Jute
SIZE: 210cm x 150cm / 83in. x 59in.
YEAR: 2019

TITLE: Sebekas
MEDIUM: Mixed Media on Canvas Jute
SIZE: 122cm x 200cm / 48in. x 78in.
YEAR: 2014

TITLE: Thought
MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 91cm x 91cm / 36in. x 36in.
YEAR: 2019

MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 91cm x 101cm / 36in. x 40in.
YEAR: 2019